nerd lover’s book club: the hot zone

This is the story of my time learning about viruses:
Late 1990’s… my brother becomes obsessed with virus books and reads portions out loud in which people bleed from orifices and tongues fall out. I cry and tell mom.
2006-2007… 3 very misguided semesters as a biology major brought me to an extra credit seminar taught by a virus expert from Mayo, in which we discussed the very real possibility of an outbreak that no one would be able to stop or contain. We eat snacks and punch and return to life as usual.
2011… caught a rerun of Outbreak on cable, loved it.
July of 2012… watched Contagion. hooked on viruses.

Which leads me to my latest book recommendation…

It’s an oldie but its new to me. The Hot Zone follows the true story of filoviruses, particularly different strains of the Ebola Virus. It is terrifying and awesome all at once.

So. If you’re feeling a little nerdy, and if you’re feeling like you’d enjoy a scare, read The Hot Zone. THEN read this latest article about an outbreak in Uganda. Then look up all the other outbreaks since the book was published in 1994 and cry yourself to sleep (but in a good way, I swear).

p.s. I got my copy at Goodwill for 65 cents.

p.p.s. Stay tuned for my next tutorial… coming at you tomorrow. (I have to give the present away first, obviously!)