long weekend

Well folks. Labor day weekend is over… my favorite season has begun. I had been itching for fall for quite some time to be honest. However, I decided I would give summer one last try this weekend.

Quite a few of our college friends came into town this weekend for the celebration of this guy’s 1st birthday:

Which means we had an apartment full of friends from Friday-Monday. And it was so fun. And refreshing. And wonderful.


  • played board games
  • went golfing (guys)/watched Dawson’s Creek (girls)
  • ate Portillo’s (the most delish Chicago hotdogs, italian beef and the one and only cake shake… which is a piece of cake thrown into a blender with a shake… it’s as good as it sounds)
  • went to the birthday party where we played bags, watched Austin get covered in cake, colored and ate
  • ate enormous breakfasts every day (Kev and my speciality)
  • watched movies/lounged around
  • played sand volleyball
  • went swimming
  • ate enormous dinners

All in all… it was the perfect way to end summer. I enjoyed some of my favorite summer activities with some of my favorite people and was really able to embrace the fun of summer time for one final time.

I wish I had taken more pictures. But I didn’t. Sorry.

However, just because he is the cutest ever… here are some more Austin pics:

Austy and Sarah

Sarah's trying to get him to blow kisses. He didn't.

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was a fabulous as mine! Now enjoy the 4-day work week!