patchwork shower curtain

Hi friends!

Today I am borrowing a tutorial I found online quite a while ago and sharing the love. If you’ve never checked it out… Design*Sponge is a great resource for dec√≥r inspiration, DIY projects and other types of lovely things.
In the DIY section a while back, I found this shower curtain tutorial. I followed it pretty closely, with a few tweaks.

Sometimes I really struggle with creating that perfectly unorganized, non-symetrical style (which is surprising, if you know me, since I am totally unorganized). So. I went to the fabric store and picked out some nice fabric choices. Then, I downloaded the picture and using paint (so technologically advanced!) I colored in the sections (with my advanced skill…) so I could gauge how the pieces would look together.

I changed the dimensions on a few pieces depending on the fabrics I had. I think its a good idea to mix large prints, small prints and solids. It can seem a little overwhelming at times. I recommend finding a large, multi-colored print and using those colors for inspiration. Pull solid colors as well as other prints in the same color family.

I followed the tutorial, figured out how to make a buttonhook! and then ironed it all out. Here is the end result. (Please excuse the ugly flash… our apartment is not classy enough for windows in the bathrooms.)

check out my sweet Meijer shower curtain hooks!

Try one with your own favorite patterns!


monograms and buttons, oh my!

Our couch is massive. It sleeps 4… comfortably. So naturally, we have a serious need for throw pillows. I saw a cute idea I liked for a monogrammed pillow and thought, why not do it with buttons? I have a pretty substantial button collection that was passed down to me, so I already had most of the supplies at home.
I bought a pillow from Meijer. I totes dig the Katie Brown collection so I often check out the home goods section. I found a pillow I liked and traced a lower case g on it with a sharpie. If you are not a good free-hander, perhaps you should try chalk. I laid the buttons out and pinned a few down. A little rearranging was necessary to get a good shape.
Note: it will save time if you do not hot-glue the buttons to the pillow. It will be quick, but the buttons will fall off and you’ll just have to sew them on anyway… fail.

At this point, I just sewed the buttons on, one at a time. I did need to rip a hole in the seam to fit my hand inside the pillow, which I stitched back up when I was done. It might be easier to start with a pillow that zips.

It might be cute to try this idea with something other than a letter… geometric shapes? an animal? Or maybe it would be cute to try multi-colored buttons as well?

I think the end result is sort of cottage-y chic.

If you want to make this at home, you’ll need:
1 pillow, either one you’ve sewn or store bought

Sharpie or chalk

I hope you learn from my mistake on this one and don’t waste time gluing, because you’ll also waste time peeling all of the glue off of the buttons before you can sew them back on. If your pillows are as well-used as ours, you’ll need them to be sturdy!

Happy sewing!