m & z

A few months ago, my brother, Zac, married my friend, Melinda. Even though I was very annoyed at him for having stolen my friend when they first started up years ago, things really couldn’t have worked out better for me because my friend is now my sister-in-law and is stuck with me forever! yaaaaayyyyyy!

Anyway, as I love weddings, I ended up partaking quite a bit in the planning and designing of this absolutely gorgeous wedding. Someday, I’ll share some of the photos. In the mean time, I’ll show you the invitations I created for them (Zac also contributed quite a bit).

Disclaimer: I am not an artist. I am not a graphic designer. However, I do <3 art and graphic design. So I try. I make mistakes. I work around tools I don’t understand. And sometimes, cool stuff comes out of it.

For Zac and Melinda’s wedding, I was really inspired by Rifle Paper Co. which used to be sort of an obscure, Once Wed secret, but now is blowing up and can now be found at Anthropologie and all over Pinterest. Anyway, I love the rich botanicals of Rifle, and the almost cartoonish quality of their simplified art. So without ripping off their art too much, I set off to paint something similar. This is what turned out:

And, of course, the RSVP card:

This was the first time I physically painted something and tried to turn it into print. I would say it was mostly successful as a small amount of the detail was lost in the scanning process. All in all, it turned out pretty splendid, all things considered.

Stay tuned for more invites and designs!

patchwork shower curtain

Hi friends!

Today I am borrowing a tutorial I found online quite a while ago and sharing the love. If you’ve never checked it out… Design*Sponge is a great resource for decór inspiration, DIY projects and other types of lovely things.
In the DIY section a while back, I found this shower curtain tutorial. I followed it pretty closely, with a few tweaks.

Sometimes I really struggle with creating that perfectly unorganized, non-symetrical style (which is surprising, if you know me, since I am totally unorganized). So. I went to the fabric store and picked out some nice fabric choices. Then, I downloaded the picture and using paint (so technologically advanced!) I colored in the sections (with my advanced skill…) so I could gauge how the pieces would look together.

I changed the dimensions on a few pieces depending on the fabrics I had. I think its a good idea to mix large prints, small prints and solids. It can seem a little overwhelming at times. I recommend finding a large, multi-colored print and using those colors for inspiration. Pull solid colors as well as other prints in the same color family.

I followed the tutorial, figured out how to make a buttonhook! and then ironed it all out. Here is the end result. (Please excuse the ugly flash… our apartment is not classy enough for windows in the bathrooms.)

check out my sweet Meijer shower curtain hooks!

Try one with your own favorite patterns!


Start fresh, like a baby in the sink.

My relationship with blogging has an unstable one. I started this blog with the intention of posting 2 to 3 crafty tutorials a week. After a few posts… I realized how unrealistic that was. I simply can’t finish 2 or 3 projects a week, balancing three part-time jobs, time with Kev and everything else. (Also… it can start to get expensive!)

So when, a few months ago, my very supportive Kev informed me that he bought me a web domain… I was a little uneasy, but there was still that part of me that wanted to keep doing this. So. I carry on.

Welcome to the new and improved Splendid Things by GG. Here you will find tutorials and also a large mishegash that I feel like posting. As you will come to find, if you feel like reading this blog, I have quite varied interests, so here is the place to talk about them all!

I hope you like the new blog, but if you don’t that’s ok too. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Summary of my summer:

Going to weddings! It has sort of been the office joke that I go to a wedding every weekend. Between showers and bachelorette parties, that’s not entirely inaccurate. This summer we were able to attend the weddings of John & Erin, Zac (my brother) & Melinda, Jimmy & Amanda, Trey & Nikki and most recently, B Head and Feick. It’s been a whirlwind but so, so lovely.

Eating at Bien Trucha! Someday, I will write an entire post dedicated to the amazing experience that is Bien Trucha. Until then, rest assured that it is the swankiest and most delicious restaurant in the greater Chicago area, and happens to be located 3 mins from our home!

Watching Dawson’s Creek! As a child, I was not allowed to watch Dawson’s Creek. Something about too much sex, I think. It is funny to me considering the crap teens watch today, but thats a whole different can of worms. I am discovering Dawson’s in adulthood, and loving it. Also, Kev and I are watching Friday Night Lights together, which is also so great and something fun for us to watch today. Dawson’s Creek is all my own.

Hanging out with Tuck! He is our adorable, loving and increasingly bratty little dog. Come fall, we will seek a dog whisperer or some sort of super trainer, because if he keeps biting me at 7:30am because I won’t get out of bed… we’re gonna have some issues. But look at that face… he’s pretty cute.

Anyway, that about sums it up. I also went to Ecuador in June, but that deserves its own post I think. So check out the new blog design (the artwork is by me and it magically all works thanks to Dave) and let me know what you think!