Well. On Thursday, Kevin and I realized that for the first time in months, we had no commitments for the weekend. If we wanted to… we could have sat around all weekend. But wouldn’t that make for a dull story?

Disclaimer: this is so lame… but I’ll admit something to you guys… after recently becoming hooked on non-callmemaybe Carly Rae Jepson hits, I discovered the song/music video “Good Time.” After watching this video, I started to think that my life has been preeeetty lame since college. I decided that I needed more spontaneity. Which leads us to…

We decided to go to the water park. I.LOVE.waterparks. More than a friend. With the love of a small child. Can’t eat, can’t sleep, Christmas morning excitement kind of love.

It takes about 3 hours to get to the Wisconsin Dells (which happens to be the waterpark capital of the world!) So just like crazy college kids, we drove 3 hours both ways for one fabulous day at the waterpark with my über-fun cousins Rachel and Luke!

So here is my brief review of the latest attractions at Noah’s Ark Waterpark. If you care little for waterparks, skip to the end.

First: Quadzilla

The newest and latest slide. Four people race simultaneously on a mat. Intense fun. Super fast, but not terrifying. Full disclosure: Kev scraped his knee a little, but I am 100% positive that this was a case of an overzealous push-off at the start, i.e. user error.

Next: Time Warp

There’s really no good picture for this ride… it is very dark and possibly the most frightening ride we went on. For the most part, this ride was like being flushed down the toilet but with flashing lights and large jets of water to the face. Screams of delight… and a little terror.

Next: Black Anaconda

The Black Anaconda is a water coaster… there’s a similar ride at the Kalahari. The coaster cruises down, then back up again on splashing conveyor belts. All in all, it was very enjoyable!

That is my synopsis of some of the most thrilling rides of the day. We did some of the slower rides as well, which is nice because the lines are shorter and sometimes you just need a rest from waiting in line. For the record, I did skip the Scorpion’s Tail due to nothing but sheer terror. I might need a little more personal growth before I am ready to stand in a phone booth waiting for the floor to drop out from underneath me.


The moral of this long story is: spontaneity is so good sometimes, even if you end up feeling really pooped for the next few days.

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