fox & the hound

Tucker has a best friend named Fox. Fox is a Crazy Critter– a stuffing-less, dual-squeaking, plushy friend. And just like Copper and Todd, Tucker and Fox are best friends.

When we first bought Fox, he looked like this:

Now, he looks like this:

The poor little fox is missing a large majority of his body and both squeakers. Quite frankly, he is in rough shape! We tried to buy a replacement fox… but it didn’t take.

They go everywhere together… Fox sleeps in the crate with Tuck. Tucker carries him around the house all wadded up in his mouth (yeah… it looks as cute as it sounds). He tries to bury the fox in random places like couch cushions and behind throw pillows. Sometimes, he carries the fox around and whines quietly with anxiety when he can’t find a good place to bury it.


I suppose that the moral of this story is that even though the fox is in terrrrrrrible shape, I simply cannot throw out this toy. Its in tatters but what can I do? I can’t throw it out… he will just search for it for days. The replacement didn’t work… so I just let him keep the fox as it becomes increasingly mangled.

How could you deny a face like that?

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