Well folks, it’s the weekend. I am getting totally pumped up (and a little freaked out) about a huge service project our church is hosting this weekend.

On Sunday, we are hosting the second all-church Food Pack! Last March, we had a team of 250 people packing boxes of food for families in need in our area. Our church’s partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund has been so incredible. These events are awesome because
1. They connect people in church with each other. Serving with friends is fun! Meeting new people is fun!
2. Hungry people in our very own backyard receive boxes of nutritious food. A lot of times, we think of hunger as a problem in developing countries, but there is hunger right here, too. The Food Pack allows people to bring food into these homes, bringing nutrition, hope and the spirit-filling love of Christ.

This time around, we have 750 volunteers signed up. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of volunteers from age 3 to 85.

Service is more than something you do once in a while: it’s an attitude. An attitude of selflessness. Service is a moment when you step outside of yourself in order to meet the needs of others. Sometimes its uncomfortable. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it takes more from you than you might expect. My year as the Director of Local Serving has created so many opportunities for me to learn this. And as my last ‘official’ act in this role… I am hoping I won’t mess up too much what God is trying to do here!

So hopefully… we pull this thing off without a hitch! I’ll let you all know how it goes…

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