food pack follow-up

Well, I promised I would let you all know how the food pack went. It was fabulous!

Although it rained on and off most of the day, we still managed to stay dry under the tent. Over 750 volunteers packed 3,000 boxes full of food. We raised over $35,000 to make this day possible. Each of those boxes will enter into a home of a family in the Chicago area struggling to put food on the table. With each box comes not only nutrition… but a message of hope! A message of the type of nourishment that can’t come from food. A message of love, peace and hope. With each box, we share the love of Christ. 3,000 boxes.

Here are a few highlights from the day:

our rainy setting

250 people packing at once

massive assembly line

our volunteers ranged from age 3-90!

yours truly with Sterling... I'm already tired at this point

 What a day! I definitely could not have pulled it off without a slew of people including, Jimmy and Sarah from CHF, Sue Ann, Kim, Sterling and Bruce from the office, all of the support staff and of course my ever-supportive husband, Kev.

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