weekend getaway

Kev and I took a little trip this weekend for our anniversary. Really… it was like a 24 hour getaway. But it was so, so great.

A while back, I won a gift certificate on the radio by telling a self-depricating story about an awkward time in life. So, we’ve been saving it for a mini-vacation, and we finally went! We left Friday after work to drive up to Lake Geneva, which is absolutely beautiful this time of year!

Friday night we went to dinner at this swanky little place called Bistro 220. I had three different kinds of cheese. 🙂

a little blurry... but you get the point!

The next day, we ate a delicious breakfast, and went for a bike ride around the harbor. On the way to town, I spotted a produce place so I had to stop for some cinderella pumpkins.

Then we went downtown Lake Geneva for the Taste of Lake Geneva festival. It wasn’t really a large festival, but more an assortment of booths outdoors with food. The best news was, there were free samples EVERYWHERE!

Then we stopped at a place grilling fresh corn.

Which we ate.

All in all, it was very relaxing and wonderful to get away with no obligations or agenda or even people we know! We had the chance to celebrate two years together totally stress free.

Oh. And Kev got me a surprise present…

Gorgeous, knot necklace. How did he know I would love it? Good guessing I suspect…

love that guy

In other news, I feel refreshed and happy and ready for fall fun! I also have a few new crafties to share with you all in the near future so keep an eye out…

2 thoughts on “weekend getaway

  1. It wasn’t a guess! I knew! Plus, you neglected to mention there were matching ear rings 🙂 It was a great getaway. So great that I called in sick today, haha. I suspect that was due to soccer in the cold last night though… not the getaway.

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