ode to my sugar bowl

To my sugar bowl:

Dainty, sweet, dimpled little sugar bowl
Gentle jay with downy feathers rests atop
Tiny, provence spoon brings sweet
Spreads a smile through my heart

Ok. In all seriousness. I LOVE my sugar bowl. It’s a tiny grapefruit! With a bird on top! And a cute little spoon to match!

While the sugar bowl was $18, which is more than I would normally wish to pay for this sort of thing, I had a gift card. And given the choice, I would buy it all over again. Because it makes me happy. In fact, it makes me happy in the morning, when I am rarely happy!

Someday, when I have a beautiful kitchen with plenty of light, open shelving and an apron-front sink (swoon) like this one:

I shall display my little sugar bowl front and center. (And hopefully find a way to hide the big, ugly keurig next to it. Love your coffee. Hate your look.)

And I shall love my little sugar bowl. Just like I love my bird tea-towel that was too expensive. And just like whatever I shall spend the rest of my gift card on (it takes me a reaallllly long time to spend gift cards).

Happy Wednesday!

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