rainy weeekend

Well this weekend was pretty soggy, but I think we still made the most of it. Friday, we celebrated a birthday with an old friend and caught up with a new one.

Saturday, I was supposed to take engagement pictures for friends Nate and Erin, but the weather had other plans. So instead, I purchased some new craft supplies, went to the puppy store to play with puppies (yes, I’m in love) and worked on a puzzle! I love puzzles. An embarassing amount.

On Sunday, we had our annual outing with Emily and Victor to Kuiper’s Family Farm¬†although our departure was delayed a bit since the tornado sirens were going off. It ended up raining on and off quite a bit, so we spent most of our time perusing the huge barn store. ¬†Then we went for our annual dinner at Acquaviva Winery.

All in all, despite the constant dripping to torrential downpour, we had a pretty good time! I love having Mondays off to recuperate from busy weekends…

a few snaps from the weekend

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