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Well after a long vacation to sunny FL in which I went to Harry Potter World for the first time ¬†(more on that later) I am back in the saddle of life and blogging. I’ve been a bit absent lately, finding that it has been extra challenging to balance 3 jobs, my class and the rest of life at once, but a refreshing vacay was just what I needed.

When I arrived back, I was able to do a mini e-session with my friends Nate and Erin. First of all- daylight savings is the worst.¬†Seriously- what is the point of this antiquated tradition except to mess everything up? Sure, it’s nice for the one night that you get an extra hour but after that, it just starts screwing with everything.

Long story short, I had hardly any soon when we started as I did not account for the time change. So this the first session, with a second to come on Saturday.

Here they are on their way to meet me. See how excited they are? Woo!

Nate and Erin are a great balance of obviously in love but not disgustingly so. They are funny and flirty and it makes for some great pictures. So without further ado…

So there you have it. In the photography world, I learned my lesson about daylight savings and the perfect sun hours. I was able to shoot a bit with my 50mm prime lens, which has been sadly underused due to my lack of confidence.

Some of the other poses were cute but the shadows were everywhere, so I’ll have to try them again with better light.

Anyway, I guess I should walk to the pool house and elect some leaders. Rock the vote?

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